Recently, I read an artile on “Mobbing” (www.restoringkingdombuilders.org) and while my blog is going to be similar, I wanted to bring my perspective. After all, I can only write from my experience to be truly authentic.

If you are in leadership, you know this word. If you are not familiar with it, you have experienced it. I am referring to the work of an individual or a group for the sole purpose of doing harm to the reputation, the efforts, the family members, and/or that person him or herself.

The Dictionary defines “mobbism” as a disorderly or riotous crowd of people. The adjective form of this word means, characteristic of a lawless, irrational, disorderly, or riotous crowd.

Leaders know that when they face mobbism, they are facing the fight of their life. Most good leaders face these mobs not once, but several times in their lives.

The best source of dealing with mobbism or any subject I have found is the Bible. I know… I know… I’ve probably lost a certain number of readers already. But before you leave, just follow the blog for the next 3 minutes.

In Mark’s gospel, Jesus faces mobbism and he identifies 5.5 principles for us to champion over mobbism and coach us to fulfill our extraordinary lives:

1. Mobbism is nothing new. It occurred then, it occurs today. Whether you’ve been in leadership for decades or just breaking in, one thing is certain, leaders have “bulls-eyes” on their backs.

2. Mobbism is always dumbfounding. The act of mobbism is always surprising, even to Jesus. When it occurred, the gospel records it this way, “Jesus marveled at their unbelief (6:6). It’s always a shock to see how deep people will go to act in a way that is harmful, spiteful, and full of evil (that’s right, I said evil).

3. Mobbism usually comes from people we know (and they think they know us). Mobbism Jesus faced was not from strangers or even religious leaders. No, it was from his own home town… the people you’d think would be behind a home grown sensation. But not them. In your world, your home town may be those closest to you at your work, your executive board, the teachers at your school, etc. The problem becomes the longer people hang around you, the more they believe they have you figured. They put you in a box and there you stay. When you act outside of that box, they make attempts to force you into that box. When you do not submit to that, the mob goes into gear, which leads to our next principle…

4. Mobbism can rarely be disuaded. This can be a trap for some of us (those like me). We want to be a peacemaker and have everyone get along. The temptation is to “tap dance on the mob’s performance table.” Don’t go there. Don’t even entertain the thought. You’ll never convince the mob and your true friends already believe in you. So, move on, which is the 5th point…

5. Mobbism is one way to be redirected to new endeavors. While the sting of hurt may have overwhelmed you, consider this question: What possibilites exist now which didn’t before the mob had its way? Thinking on this question helps eliminate the self-pitty and often roots of bitterness in our lives, which tend to defile us and those around us.

5.5 (Insight for us to pursue our extraordinary lives) – The gospel of Mark records how Jesus could not do many miracles in his hometown of Nazareth due the unbelief of the people. Here’s our insight – while the ministry or the work may be crippled, the leader is not. God has plans for you and for me. While the mob and their mobbism may cripple efforts and ministry, they cannot cripple you.

You have been born to live an extraordinary life. GO PURSUE IT!


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